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Default Best playlist editor ever... for v2 [all plattforms]

Another playlist editor for v2 Hello,

i found an open source project and changed some lines to make it compatible to sansa v2.

short description:

Playlist editor with drag/drop, search for artist, etc., PLAYING YOUR MUSIC directly, etc....

Languages: german, english

Plattform: Java - so it should run with Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.

TESTED UNDER WINDOWS! Please report other plattforms...

howto use it for v2:

Assumption: all your Music is in "C:\Music"

change "File/Settings - music directory" to "C:\Music"
- you can see all your mp3 files in the tree

move mp3 files to the right side of the gui

choose "File - Save As" and save it for example as test
- The program creates a file with the given name - this is the programs internal playlist format (just a file list)
- The program creates a file test.pla and test.pla.refs

Language is Englisch and German!

Documentation for original program:

if there is some interest i will create a sourceforge project to supply sources...

any comments?
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you are a genius man!!
thank you a lot, finally a gui-v2-playlist-editor which is both worth using and worth seeing.

but there is one little thing...
in fact two..

the programm uses C:\Documents and Settings\Username\ as root directory, so i cant access my mp3 partition or even c:\mp3\.

do i just not understand how to get there or this really an issue?

and also the path in the .refs file seems kinda relative to the "username"-folder because this is what my file looked like at first:

/mmc:0:/MUSIC/Desktop/Scars_on_Broadway -They_Say.mp3

as you can see there is "desktop" in the path, which of course isnt on the sansa..

however it would be nice if you could set the "root"-directory of the programm to the real root so you could directly use the files on the sansa to make the playlists, which i guess would elimate the second problem anyway.

but hey IT IS WORKING !!!!
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Don't know what the policy is on ABI about reviving old threads, but I just wanted to comment that this application works perfectly under Windows to create playlists for the Sansa Clip Plus.

I found this by accident, and though it's for the Sansa e200, I thought I'd give it a go with my Sansa Clip Plus. Works perfectly, no problems at all.

I had to manually edit the playlists to include tracks on the microSD, but that was quite easy using the Replace-function in any modern text editor.
Just open up the "playlist.pla.refs" file in a text editor, highlight the tracks that reside on the memory card, press Ctrl+H and replace "mmc:0" with "mmc:1".

I hope this helps someone, and again sorry about reviving an old thread, but this application definitely deserves to be brought back from obscurity..!
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This program has no file extension. Since it was said to be a java file I was assuming that it was a .jar file, but windows says it is a corrupt jarfile...any help? I ahven't been able to create a working playlist on my sansa since someone stole my v1 and i had to replace it with a v2.
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All files in the ZIP archive have extensions, not sure what you mean. Run the batch file (pleditor.bat) to start the app. You probably have to have real Sun/Oracle Java installed, not Microsoft's weird thing.
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