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Old 06-15-2008, 11:24 PM
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Default Hack: Replace battery cell with non-Creative battery cell.

Now, I got my Creative Zen Micro 5gb "remanufactured" off ebay a while back, and the same day it arrived I voided the warenty and replaced the microdrive with a CF card(1GB). Now, it seems that the battery was nowhere near new when I got it, and even with the CF card in there, still didn't have great battery life(probably 6-8 hours). Over the last several months s, its battery life has gotten worse and worse, and had gotten to the point of having 1-2 hours play time before I have to recharge it. Obviously, this was unacceptable, and I decided to replace the battery.

Yesterday, I went through my collection of cellphone batteries(all Lion) which I keep in the freezer and found two which looked around the right size. I then took the case off my ZM battery, unsoldered the electronics leads from the actual cell(after checking and marking down polarity of cource), and soldered it to the first battery with a little bit of fussing. I found another problem at this point: It was too long for my ZM(by just a tiny bit), so I unsoldered it.
I took my second battery, and after modifying the actual cell leads to match up to the connectors on the ZM battery, I soldered it in place. I then tested it, and it turned on, however it was a few thousants of an inch too long still. I ended up bending the electronics board down a bit, and got it to fit, just barely(However, it won't fit the ZM battery case).
I turned it on, and it read two/3 blocks on the battery gauge.
An interesting note is that this second battery is 680mah, just like the ZM battery.

Last night I charged it up, checking once in a while to make sure it didn't heat up or something, and it didn't. It actually charged cooler than the origional ZM battery, which would sometimes get quite hot when charging.

I don't have any accurate measure of battery life, but it worked nicely for a couple of hours and still read all three blocks.

Pictures: (703X708, 167KB) (758X568, 121KB) (758X568, 121KB)

Please note that the red wire in pics #2 and #3 is *NOT* connected to the ZM(Its to provide power to my camera). Look closely if you don't believe me.

Now, obviously, this can be dangerous, and should probably not be done if your not willing to void your ZM's warenty or even have $20 to spend on a replacement, but this goes to show that it *can* be done, and that the ZM's electronics won't reject a non-standard battery(or not charge a non-standard cell).

Hope someone can use this info!

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