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Default T400 Track Ordering?

I have a T400 that I love, but the one problem is if I play an album, it orders the tracks by Title Alphabetically, not by track number.

Example, in Aquaduct "I Sold Gold"

The tracks
Filename: Aqueduct - I Sold Gold - 01 - The Suggestion Box.mp3
IDv3 Title: the Suggestion Box
IDv3 Track #: 1

Filename: Aqueduct - I Sold Gold - 02 - Hardcore Days & Softcore Night.mp3
IDv3 Title: Hardcore Days
IDv3 Track #: 2

The second track listed gets played first.

If this a problem with my tagging, or a problem with the T400...??
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Looks like tagging issue to me.

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I seem to remember something like this when I played albums by "Artist" the songs were in alphabetical order. If I accessed the music via "Album" the song order was by track number.
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