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Default Recommend a new player for college/studying

I'm transferring to UCSD by the Fall, and I need to get something before September that'll last me for two years. Budget will be tight for the time I'm at college, and it's meant to help me concentrate while I study, not bother me with problems and what not. And before anyone questions that, it's a habit I picked up from AD in high school, from studying every day for hours on end. I will get much more restless, and quicker, without music.

I have a PSP, but really it's just for videos. It's quite bothersome for music, since it's so huge, difficult to pocket, and I'm paranoid about that big screen, so I keep it in a bulky protector all the time unless I'm using it [with a wriststrap]. So, I really won't be needing a video-capable player, and I definitely don't want another big-screened device to worry about and InvisibleShield it.

I'll cut to the chase and just make a list of descending priorities.

1) Flash memory with internal of at least 8GB (really gunning for double-digits though)
2) Great sound
3) Expandable memory (preferrably SDHC, since it's cheaper than the MicroSD, right?)
4) Ease of use, going to live and study with it for at least two years, I don't want something annoying like the PSP for playing and messing with music, finding music, layout and playlisting of music (see additional paragraphs below)
5) In liu of the two years, has to be fairly durable (accidental drops, etc)
6) Pocketable and portable (ironically, unlike the PSP)
7) Battery life at the very least slightly better than iPods. But with flash, it ought to be expected
8) Ease of music transfer
9) Gapless playback, since I have a few old [Dancemania & trance] CDs I really want to back up and listen to.
10) Better than average codec support (ie, OGG at least; MIDI has a low priority)
11) Not ugly (subjective)
12) Reasonably priced, I can pay the price for good internal memory and expandable memory.
13) Bluetooth (fairly low on the list, because the headphones I have are crap)

I'm pretty outdated when it comes to music players. I've never had an iPod, but using iTunes only is a definite no-no. And I've never used music libraries or programs to organize my music or put it on my player (sans the horrible SonicStage for the MiniDiscs), so I need some help there.

I might bother with Windows Media Player (not Classic) to make a library for me, but is there stuff other there that's better? I have WinAmp, but I'm really not sure. I like the idea of iTunes, but I just hate it because it's a resource-whore.

I'd also like to be able to "sync"( or whatever it's called) my music (a la #4) because pure drag and drop was a bother with the PSP since I couldn't organize it without renaming. So a program to do that for me would be fantastic, since I lose track of what songs are on my player and laptop.

I was looking at the Cowon and iRiver brands, particularly Cowon's 7 (although it lacks expandable memory, fairly high on the list), but wasn't too sure since new stuff is coming out too. I was kind of interested in the D2, since it's expandable, but if a D3's coming out I'd ignore it. That, and it's video, and so it'll be kind of a hassle like the PSP (unless you can inform me otherwise)

I think that's it for now. If there's anything else I should consider in a player, please let me know.
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