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Default Samsung P2 Screen problem

Hi everyone. just in the evening took my P2 out of the bag and connected to my computer. what happened is that now the screen looks like it is turned off. so you can use the player, use the touchscreen, but the display looks absolutely dead. tried reformat, firmware update. nothing seems to have any bearing...

can anyone suggest what to do? i presume there's nothing but a way to the
Samsung Service Centre?
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When you say dead do you mean that it does not work at all or that unless you shine a light on it then you can't see a thing? If the later is the truth then the backlight has gone bad. You can try RMA'ing if it is still covered.
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well... it is working, as you can hear the startup sound and by touching the screen i can also hear sound signals. but the display is just black. does it really have a backlight? i thought oled displays doesn't need one. by the way, shining a light is also useless
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did you RMA your P2 yet? I did but i have not heard anything from them at all. I had the exact same problem, but it was because i dropped the player. There was a small crack at the edge of the player, away from the screen. Anyways, let us know if you got yours fixed. thanks
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ok something weird happened to me too....DO NOT PLACE AN UN-CASED P2 in pockets or backpacks get leather cases with front covers if possible.

I already posted this in another thread but try it. I put mine in my pocket (with no case) and found something weird with the screen when I brought it back out. The touch screen was touching the screen at the center making it seem like there was a droplet of water in between. I pressed the sides (see diagram) and with a pop it separated. Do not press too hard as to crack the touch screen.

If that doesn't work try a reset. You do this when you replace the screen so the p2 can calibrate the screen. If you don't then the screen will not work. The reset is at the back. press it or keep it pressed...there are steps on hard resetting it in another thread
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display broken

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