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Default Incorrect Album Info and 'Bad Track' Problems

I recently decided to re-organize my Sansa e280. I converted all my music to wma to make it smaller so I could fit more tracks on it. The converter confused some of the album info in the process, so using Windows Media Player I corrected it all mostly by using the 'find album info' feature in the program.

I then synced my device using WMP and when I turned on the Sansa all the artist info was correct, but almost all the tracks were not in their correct albums, they were all in albums that matched the single track name. I went back into WMP to try and correct this, filling in the fields of album, album artist, all the feilds I could find.

I am also on windows vista, which has a tag editor in the explorer window, so I edited the info there, both from my library on the computer and directly onto the Sansa, but this did not fix the problem.

I read on this forum that MediaMonkey is great for organizing tracks so I found that and tried to use it instead. I organized all my files in the library and synced some of the music across. Not only did it not fix the album info problem but it then claimed that the track was a 'Bad Track'. I removed the track and dragged and dropped it into the player instead but got the same error message. I then tried re syncing using WMP and the tracks did not come up with the error message, but were still not in their correct albums.

I did a little more research on this site, looked up the ID3 tags. Tried using all the settings on MediaMonkey regarding the ID3 tags, and even used the 'clear all ID3 tags' feature, but no matter what I did syncing with MediaMonkey always ended up with the 'Bad Track' error message.

I then went and updated my firmware to make sure that was all up to date and tried again, but got the same result.

So far I have not been able to get tracks into their correct albums and only syncing with WMP does not come up with the 'Bad Track' error message. I did not know if wma's have a problem with the ID3 tagging, and if so what should I use instead? It is very frustrating to have my album list the same as my song list!

Any help would be apreciated.
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