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Originally Posted by nywytboy68 View Post
You mean I actually got it right? YAY!!! Still, the only differences between 2.57 and 3.57 are: 2.57 is MTP and MSC, it doesn't do flash skins. 3.57 is MSC only (Drag&Drop ONLY) and allows for the usage of flash skins.

PS: I think it's safe to say we all recommend everyone upgrade to either 2.57 OR 3.57 as they seem to be 2 of the most stable firmwares Cowon has produced for the D2 - really stable, SOLID!!! Provided you have the correct hardware that is.
3.57 syncs fine with windows media player and media jukebox 12 (at least on Vista)
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Originally Posted by Norlimix View Post
May I ask the reason why you have your music on the SD card? Just personal preference or is it recommended that you do?
I have a 2GB D2 and an 8GB SDHC card... 2GB is enough for the videos I watch casually - 8GB is still far too little space for enough music.

Originally Posted by SansaRulez83 View Post
Oh and I'm totally gonna find that post, dfkt! Why else would I reference differences between older firmware? You could've been drunk...
Heh... please do search for that. Not even when I'm drunk would I hear any difference between firmwares. There's lots of people who swear by the placebo effect of "newer = better", when it comes to firmwares... I've always been a bit more rational about the sound quality. Here's a collection of what I said (and measured with RMAA) over on iAudiophile:

EDIT: Now that I think of it, I may have believed early ramblings by some people about increased SQ in 2.4x firmwares, but around 2.51/2.53 I began to measure those myths myself.
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