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Default Zen Micro Crash During Firmware Update

Hi all,

I've read a lot of posts on here, which encouraged me to give a go at fixing my bricked Micro. A few months ago, I'm pretty sure the Seagate drive broke on me. I just purchased a 4GB ADATA CF card to swap in. I opened my Zen and exchanged the drives. The Zen powered up into recovery mode and, as a good sign, when I selected one of the 4 options it actually responded. (While the bad drive was still in, selecting one of the 4 options left it hanging.)

I have a computer with WMP10, so I began the firmware upgrade that I thought was necessary to get the new drive operational. In the middle of the firmware update (the progress bar had shown all but 1 space filled in), my computer rebooted the Zen. The Zen froze, though the backlight remained on. I waited 15 minutes and nothing happened, so I canceled the firmware update. The Zen powered down, and it has not gone back on since. I put in the battery from my wife's Zen -- nothing. I plugged it into my computer USB -- nothing. I plugged it into the wall -- nothing. In short, it no longer takes or draws any power.

I've tried to search for people complaining of similar problems, but haven't found anyone whose Zen died during a firmware update, which I suspect is my trouble. I'd appreciate any advice you have.
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