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Default Installed Rockbox without sansapatcher or rbutil

My Sansa was behaving weird - kept showing as 0 bytes and shown up as PPI NAND on pc. So I formatted the FMT way and used firmware 1.02.20P.mi4. It was ok and showed the sansa as normal, proper working usb drive - no more PPI NAND or 0 bytes.

But when I tried reinstalling Rockbox again using sansapatcher or rbutil, it said no e200 and no sansas found.

So I downloaded digerati1338 multi bootloader (
and renamed it PP5022.mi4 and put it on root of my sansa. Next I used the mi4code to decrypt my 1.02.20P.mi4 firmware into a BIN file called F0.bin and dumped that into the System folder.

I unzipped the latest Rockbox build into my Sansa. Then I made a copy of the rockbox.mi4 and placed it into the System folder. Next I used the mi4code to decrypt the rockbox.mi4 into a BIN file called F1.bin, and deleted the copy of the rockbox.mi4.

I dismounted the Sansa and unplugged - its says Upgrading Firmware and restarted again. By default it stated on the original firmware. Next I shutdown and restarted, this time pressing the Center button and it booted Rockbox!

So far everything seems to be working fine.
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