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Default logitech x-540 or x-530? hmpf.

which is better SQ wise? the x-540 has a down firing it better?
any opinions?
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I had the 2.1 version of that a while ago before I moved out. The sound quality is ok for what it is, the sub woofer is a baffled and boomy. but yeah as for the version go it seems they should be the same, the 540's are just newer and have a matrix mode which I am guessing just multiplexes a stereo channel into all three inputs... You can do worse for the price.
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I have the 540's. I have had them for 2 years and still love them. They can have an overwhelming bass if you want it to, but can also be subtle. They were a great purchase.
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you get what you pay for... a 5.25" woofer is only going to do so much. overwhelming as in boomy mushy bass yes. and these tend to have to put out midrange as well as the tiny sat speakers do not cut it.
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i'd say they're both more or less the same.

the 540 are just the newer model. the 530 (and variations of it) are outdated and i guess the x40-series replaces the x30-series.

i have the x-230, and i dont get what you mean by "boomy mushy bass".
the sound is great (especially if you consider the price), the bass is nice too.
its an awesome sound-system for watching movies (as far as 2.1-systems go anyway)

but then again, i'm not an audiophile guy and the x-230 are the most "expensive" sound-system i ever bought.
and i dont plan on replacing them anytime soon btw :P
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