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Default MTP/WMP Deleted MP3 Files

I have had my Clip for about 6 months now and have had no problems whatsoever. I recently deleted the songs off of my device and tried to add new ones using Windows Media Player (previously I had used Rhapsody.) When I tried to add the playlist of songs, it returned an error on every single song and uploaded nothing. Furthermore, it deleted the songs in MP3 format off of my computer hard drive. In Windows Media Player the songs are still there but when I try to play them, it says it can't find the directory where the song is located.

I've tried searching for the songs on my computer and have also used a file recovery software to try and locate the songs too but to no avail. I'm at a loss here. Any suggestions???
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You need a suggestion how to recover the songs that were on your computer?

My suggestion is (Not connected to the sentence above): always use MSC. It's way better than the obnoxious MTP, and easier to load songs.
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So are the songs gone forever or is there a way to get them back?
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Since you were using Rhapsody, and the Clip cannot delete files from your PC, it's possible that if/when you removed Rhapsody, all the DRM content was scrubbed as well since the digital rights management allows use of the media on only one device at a time. Maybe Rhapsody or WMP thinks you are trying to circumvent the DRM, or lost sync with which device should have the license (rights), and nuked your library.

I don't use any DRM-enabled media management software because of annoying "legal-reason" glitches like this.

Try looking on the CLIP (not your PC) for the missing files.

My advice going forward is to change from WMP and MTP mode to simple file management and MSC mode, most power users do it this way and once you get a handle on playlist management, you won't need WMP "in the way" any longer.

Otherwise maybe some Rhapsody guru will offer some advice.
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I changed the thread title since it's not the Clip's fault.
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Yeah that's the concensus. Next time I'm backing the files up. So I changed the Clip into MSC and ran the file recovery software (wasn't recognized in MTP) and at least I have the songs I deleted before I tried to upload the subsequently lost songs. I'm running WMP 9, and from what I've been told there might have been some problem with recognition or conversion etc. At least all wasn't lost.
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