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Default Max Movie Length

Hey guys!

Let me start by saying that i bought my Cowon D2 2 months ago and i just wanna say that im more then satisfied with this toy, its awesome

Im using presently firmware 2.54 and i was wondering if it would be worth changing to newer version. Im a simple user of this mp3 player, listening to mp3 and movies on it.

Now the real question: I converted the JFK Directors Cut movie to the right size and putted into the D2. I watched it but when i got to the end, i realized that the D2 didnt play the whole movie. The duration of JFK is 3h25min and on the D2, the movie is maxed out at 2:45min. I was wondering if this was a normal behavior? Is there a work around? Is there a fix?

Thank you very much and sorry if this was already mentionned, i searched but didnt find anything.
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I don't know about a max movie length. How long is the movie on your computer?
It could be an issue with the encoder. I'd suggest cutting the original is 2 with windows movie maker or other video editing software and then encoding that.
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Compare the original and converted file lengths, and if they are the same, use some movie editing software to split the file into two parts. You might not even notice the transition when playing =p

If they aren't the same, re-encode the movie.
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What's the file size? The fat32 formatting system supports a max of 4 gigs for a single file.

I doubt that's the issue though. 4 gigs for a 320x240 movie would be very long.
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You couldn't transfer a 4GB+ file onto a FAT16/32 partition anyways.
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Thank you for the suggestions guys

I thought of splitting the file in 2 because it seems that right now its the only solution.

The file size on my hard drive is the same as on the D2 and its about 1Go. The movie length on my computer is 3:25 and when i play the movie from the D2 (meaning executing the file of the D2) on my computer it plays the whole thing. The problem only comes when i play the movie from the D2 itself. The only thing i can think of is that the player of the D2 was not adapted to play movies longer then 2:45... Anybody can second that?
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