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Default MSC playlist converter for e200/V2 with SD support

Last week i got a sansa e260v2. I couldn't find a working tool for creating playlists in MSC mode for both internal memory and SD. Therefore I created this little application. It's tested under winxp/sp2 and vista.

What does it do?
- does conversion of standard m3u playlists into e200/v2 dual memory playlists
- does not support creation of m3u files, or syncing/copying of mp3 files, use your favorite tool (like winamp) for that
- does support a single playlist that contains titles from both memories

How to use it?
- copy (or sync) your mp3 files to the e200 (internal memory, SD or mixed)
- copy all wanted m3u playlist files in a directory of your PC
- copy the tool (playlist.exe) also into this directory and run it
- select the drive letters for your e200 and SD memory (or 'none' if not applicable)
- click the button and wait until finished
- thats all

The m3u playlists may contain titles that are not in the player (e.g. if you have multiple SDs). Only the files that are actually found on the e200 appear in the created e200-playlists. So if you exchange your SD, simply do a new conversion and you playlists are up to date with the e200. Every run, all of your playlists (found in the m3u directory) are converted again.

There is one (known) restriction!
The TITLE format in m3u MUST be the same as the format of the mp3 FILENAME.
So if your m3u format is <album> - <title>, then the format of your filenames must also be <album> - <title>.

But I believe this is the default setting for most syncing tools (?).
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