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Default experimental_isanggon

updated : 080703 / source : v.17925

This is experimental version of rockbox. Just try it

Note : If you use more EQ band, player showes slower working speed.
When you change ignoring "the" option, you should re-initialize database. If you don't, there are no difference on database. Turn on "dircache" function to speed up response.


Correct mispatched "multifont patch" on previous build.
Updated "korean.lang" to support korean language fully.
Changed mx500 EQ configuration file(for mx500 earphone).
Changed clock to 30/96mhz.
Removed Gui-boost patch, custom-logo patch, etc.
usb transfer function is disabled.
Updated to latest svn and added slant, cowon, dis-wps-vp wps.

This is Jonathan Gordon's comment which related with wps.

* %P has been removed, merged with the new %pb
* %pb is now %pb or %pb|bitmap|x|y|width|height| (any of those params can be - to use sane defaults... check wiki/task for more explaination)

* New %Vl and %Vd tags which are used to setup and display conditionaly displayed viewports (%Vl|<id>|<usual %V params>| to set up, then %Vd<id> to enable the viewport
* bumps the max allowed viewport count to 24
* you can setup 3 different progressbars in a WPS... max of one per viewport though is a simple perl script to convert old %P/%pb to the new %pb syntax

%m has been removed, but (i think) because of the other %m tags it wont fail if you try loading a wps with %m|..|, it will just be ignored.
Also note that if the statusbar is enabled the default viewport is 8 pixels shorter than when its not, i.e (0,0) is really (0,8) if the statusbar is shown... I dont think this will be a major issue because almost no WPS show the bar and use bitmaps... text only WPS shouldnt be affected.

Please report problem screens in

Included patch

FS#7565 - support for the TPA tag
FS#2885 - Ignore first "the" in alphabetic dir sort in file browser and database
FS#8767 - Tuner bandwidth extension for LV24020LP based tuners (72.4Mhz - 121.3Mhz)
FS#5697 - bmp resize patch
FS#8396 - next_dir within playlist - pressing "short next+long next" can album skip in playlist mode.
FS#8961 - Anti-Aliased Fonts
FS#6800 - Sansa e200 backlight fade in/out
FS#8363 - Charger configuration for Sansa e200/c200
FS#8799 - User definable list dimensions (custom list for viewports)
FS#6697 - New dict plugin - based on the stardict dictionary file format and acts as a viewer for .idx files. all dictionaries should be placed in "/dicts".
FS#5153 - Doom Scrollwheel Patch
FS#7661 - Make ID3 info screen more readable
FS#7652 - EXTM3U format support
FS#8764 - Auto mute weak stations
FS#7114 - HTML_Parser. Creates a txt file readable in the viewer.
FS#7898 - Fix for bug in "Insert Next" with multiple insertions
FS#8136 - m3u_cleaner - removes all invalid entries from the m3u-playlists in the /Playlists directory
FS#4733 - Multifont
FS#4988 - Optionally keep backlight on while plugins are running
FS#8321 - Fix bug when playing last track
FS#8400 - Option to keep backlight off while changing volume etc.
FS#8641 - Doom 90 degree rotate crash
FS#6884 - Convert Sansa E200 playlist format between m3u/m3u8 <-> pla
FS#7432 - sncviewer - a plugin for viewing synchronised lyrics on player screen
FS#2648 - text viewer button mods
FS#6988 - Video item in Main Menu - Changed video menu to recordings menu. And music files can access directly music and music(microSD) in main menu. music menu linked to /music folder. music(microSD) menu linked to microsd's /music folder .
FS#6684 - Split the party mode into two settings
FS#5677 - Remove current track from current playlist.
FS#7979 - Shutdown with hold button
FS#7092 - Estimated Runtime Scaling
FS#8894 - Speeding playback up/down without affecting pitch
FS#???? - 12band EQ and can control detailed sound options. bootscreen and status bar font was changed.
FS#???? - cpchan's custom menu and shortcut menu patch. press "long down" to call custom menu and, press "long select" to call shortcut menu. In FM mode, "short rec" to mode change.
FS#???? - kugel's rec button playlist viewer patch. Pressing "short rec" can access playlist viewer in wps screen and file browser. In file browser and database, pressing "long rec" insert file to current playlist. In wps screen, pressing "long rec" call recording screen.
FS#???? - Cpu clock was changed to 30/96mhz(default : 30/80mhz).
FS#???? - revert keymap to old style
FS#???? - edited "tagnavi.config".
FS#???? - set more font buffer to use multifont with unicode based font(big size).

Included extra theme

isanggon theme
slant theme
cowon theme
dis-wps-vp 1.3 theme

isanggon theme, slant theme, cowon theme support 2-byte language.

Removed patch

FS#6505 - Slider progressbar - has freezing issue when insert usb cable on rockbox
FS#7538 - Custom user splash screen. - cause freezing when insert usb cable to pc/charger on rockbox.
FS#7252 - SubRip (srt) subtitle support in MPEG Player. ". mpg" file and ".srt" file should have same name. I attached ".smi" to ".srt" convertor( - cut some text
FS#8668 - battery runtime: experimental gui boost - cause "button press skip" problem and status pannel issue on mpegplayer.
FS#8523 - Disable WPS updating when the backlight is off. - have status bar issue, etc
FS#8607 - MPEG video playlist - while playing mpeg, short next button can load next file directly. - I didn't sync correctly then. this cause mpegplayer's control panel to freeze. I'll try to sync correctly again.
FS#8051 - "year album" tag for tag cache. can search by year in database - cause database re-initializing problem
FS#8663 - Data corruption on usb write on sansa (ata_definitions.patch) - cause fat problem more.
FS#7858 - tiny improvement on tagtree.c - when database initialize, this patch cause "stop initializing database" problem.
FS#6203 - unified way to open utf8 text files - cause some problem when use unicode language.
FS#6071 - Skip BOM on fmr preset files - I think this is useless.
FS#7482 - Small fix in apps/playback.c - cause playback problem sometimes.
FS#9007 - MP3 encoder (codec & plugin) quality improvements - commited
FS#9027 - conditional viewports - adds the ability to en/disable viewports based on conditionals - commited
FS#???? - revert playback core to v.17108

% Attached files were compressed by 7zip. Please uncompress with 7zip program to uncompress correctly.

Rockbox files were splited because upload limit. please download both of and
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