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Default So I cracked the touch screen layer :(

Oh, why can i wind back time. Yesterday at a friends, i had my D2, phone, livewires (and SD cards, cleaning tool, and stylus in a case) on top of my laptop, and a glass of water in the other.

Fumbling for the light switch, in a ouse i dont know, somehow the D2 (uncased ) slipped off the laptop top, and hit the wood floor, face down.

I have only had it a couple of weeks, and it is only 4 months old, i just did a trade to get it and an 8gb sd, and in return traded Zen vision m 30gb, and just got my other 2 8gb cards for the d2 which i ordered when it arived.

The first time i drop it, sods law, it was uncased (eg. not in its altoids tin) and landed on a hard, wood, floor....

Im totally gutted, i wish i could just find back time.

The screen doesnt have any bleeding, but a hairline crack, and the touch screen is hard to use at best, and very flakey to use, i think the touch screen layer has cracked, not the whole screen, as it still looks perfect, just unfunctional.

So, im in the UK, it was bought from Advanced MP3 Players by the 1st owner, and i still have the printed reciept.

I read on cowon's website about repairs, and it doesnt mention the UK

In order of preference, what can i do?:

So, does anyone know where to buy a new screen, i have looked but cant find any, this would be my preference as its cheap and easy, and im not without my d2. Anywhere online? Could cowon ship me one? Shame they arent as easy to come by as other manufacturers screens.

I could buy a broken d2 with a good screen, but i cant find one. I will be posting a WTB on head-fi and iaudiophile. Again, the d2 being reasonably rare outside the geek market, they are hard to find. Other manufacturers have an abundance of broken players on ebay.

Next, what can Advanced MP3 players do, anything?

Next, how much would it cost to send it to be repaired, and how long would i be without it? Do they even repair outside of the US and Canada? Anywhere in the EU/UK?


So, links to screens for sale, what can the retailer do, what do cowon charge, do they fix outside of the us/canada, do they have a repair place in the eu/uk?

Any help appreciated!

Going to go and post some wtb's now!

Please help me choose what is best by answering any questions above if you can.

|*| Cowon D2(w) 4gb (DAB with non-DAB 2.02 D2+ firmware) + 40gb of SDHC's (Rigid Wood IC RSA Tomahawk ) LiveWires T1 Customs.
|+| ATH-ON3w Black | Broken (DAB logo'd) 4gb Non-DAB D2 | Broken BSG cMoy | White Sennheiser MX500 Buds.

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