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Default Convince me to return my Zen 8 and order this!

Hey now! So I just picked up a Zen 8 GB about a week and a half ago. It's a pretty solid player. With the exception of SD card integration, it does everything you'd think it would do quite well.

One of the main reasons I bought my player is the screen quality. I saw it in the store and was highly impressed. Heck, I'm still impressed. I've seen from the spec sheets that the D2 is one of the few that also supports 24-bit color. That probably factors into the fact that the Zen has such a nice screen. How do the two displays compare? I saw in the review that the worst viewing angle for the D2 is from below. How does this affect viewing, if at all? Is it comparable to the Zen's top viewing angle?

How customizable is the UI? Sky blue and pea green don't really suit me! Also, are those really the perceived colors when using the player or just the result of photographing the screen with a flash? It will be tough to go from the Zen's interface to the D2's. Hell, the Zen has a more colorful and attractive interface than all of the iPods, except for the Touch, and it's just as easy to use.

One of the main reasons I've been researching the D2 is that, feature-wise, it's a very solid player and, at least on paper, it would be a lot like an older brother to my other mp3 player, the Sansa Clip. Both of the them completely slam the competition in SQ.

Speaking of that, how noticeable is the hiss that manifests in voice recordings and audio tracks? It was mentioned in the review as well. The Zen is pretty solid in that department, certainly better than the Clip!

Please no "Just buy it, you won't be disappointed"s. I want some solid feedback!
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