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Default Waht are you talking about?!!!

What the **** ? Hebery body tells that we can't but rovkbox on the sansa v2 I'm sorry to break your fun, but I have a sansa v2 and 2 of my griends also have a v2. All of them are rockboxed, including mine, and everything is working fine, no bug, all is perfect! So here is a message to all people who have a v2: you CAN put rockbox on it, it will work perfectly!
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sometimes, sandisk will use the wrong backplate... check your firmware and see if which number it starts from... V2s firmware starts with 3. something while v1 start with 1. something

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Yes, please check your firmware version.
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Please check your OF firmware version. The backplates can tell false info.

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You have a V1 Sansa, its just a little confusing to tell which is which.

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does the splash screen of the OF say "sansa" in blue? if so you do have a v2
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He does NOT have a V2 with Rockbox on it. Period. The internal hardware is completely different, and even if Rockbox could be installed, it would not run.

There's no real sense in trying to identify it. You can safely say "If Rockbox runs, it's a V1." That's all there is to it.

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