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Default How Can I Change The Font Color of A Theme

How can I edit the color of the font on a rockbox theme? I wanted to change it from white to black.
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It CAN be changed. Settings>Theme Settings>Colours>Foreground Colour. Move the RGB sliders to get your desired color. You'll want to move them all down to get black.
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You can changed the font colors. Settings -> Theme Settings -> Colours -> Foreground Colour should change it.
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If you can't set the R/G/B values ALL to "0" (that happens to me sometimes), set one of them to "1" for a near black shade.

You can save the modified color/theme so you don't have to set it again if you switch to another theme and then back:
Settings → Manage Settings → Save Theme Settings
Instead of saving it as the default "config01.cfg" I always save it as something similar to the theme I'm using. It's easy to find in your list of themes then.
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