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Unhappy device not found

I have read all the FaQs and done searches but I cannot find the answer to my problem. I am trying to rockbox my E200 (model e250). I was following Crules crazy tutorial, which is very helpful and easy to understand. however when I run sansapatcher.exe it says no e200 found, aborting. and to make sure it is in UMS mode. I have tried a few thing, but cant get it to work. so I guess if someone could point me to another thread or telling me what Im doing wwrong it would be a big help. And what is UMS mode. thanks in advance, Phil

P.S. I am running windows Vista, Is that my problem?

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Make sure that you have a V1 sansa, and have administrative rights in Windows.

Also, I would not use an unofficial install guide. Follow the procedure in the manual. Its updated immediately whenever the install procedure changes. Other guides may or may not be updated.
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thanks for the reply. after some extra searching I found my problem, thanks anyways and thanks for these great forums. Admins please delete this thread. I did not have it in MSC mode
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Bettazrkool, I will just leave this here just in case someone else has the same issue.
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