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Default My Toshiba NIGHTMARE

firstly id like to say that the toshiba help center in NSW didnt help me one bit and possibly made matters worse and cost me alot of postage and time.

so it all started about 6 months ago....
i own a toshiba gigabeat s30

i first experienced my problem after trying to sync my files to the player using WMP11. i have about 4700 songs so it took up about 26GB ish of space.
my player b4 i had even opened up WMP, started flashing on the screen with (connected)-then-(finishing)-then-(done) and then repeats for however long the mp3 is plugged in to the computer.
so i decided to give tech support a ring.
told me to uninstall all my root usb hubs and reinstall.
didnt fix my problem.
so i rang them a second time and they told me to ring the repair center.
after several atempts of trying to get hold of them they gave me a refrence number and told me to send it in for repair.
it came back 2 weeks later saying that the hard drive cable was unplugged and that they had reconnected it.
ok so that was my first problem fixed
my second problem was that it still flashed on the screen so therfore it wouldnt connect to my computer which by the way is brand new with nothing wat so ever installed on it.
ok so after trying reinstalling and the such. i phoned the repair center again. they told me to send it back to them for testing.
came back a week later saying ther was no error found. but when i plugged it in the same problem occured. so i persisted in phoning the repiar center to maybe get my mp3 replaced as it is still under warranty.
they told me to send it in again ( which is costing me $3.70 everytime) with the cable and they would send a courier to pick it up from my front doorstep. so it came back a week later saying the usb connection thing had been replaced and some1 had personally taken care of it, high up in the repair center hierachy.
so the moment of truth as i plugged it in to my computer,

same error. flashing screen etc etc.

im on the point of throwing it against the wall and sending a strongly worded letter to toshiba itself.

if any can tell me why i have a flashing screen it would be greatly appreciated. because i am on the point of swithcing to an ipod (which is on my list of NOT TO DO)
as it may be slightly more reliable.

so from first hand experience if you ever have a problem with your gigabeat dont even bother phoning tech support or the repair center, as you probally wont get far.

again if you have any solutions to my problem which i still have please pm me or something

and so i say thankyou for reading
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