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Default T10 Review

Samsung T10 JAB Black
My T10 just arrived in the mail so I decided to do a review

The first impression of any mp3 player is the box, and the T10's box is very well designed. The box itself however is not very smart; theres a small strip you have to pull to get the player out, and when I drag it the player flies half a meter up into the air and onto the floor before I've even touched it. That isn't very good, but engouh about the box and on to the design of the player.

I'm very happy when I look at the player as it's very nice looking, I'm almost in love with the back plate. Its black and feels like sand when I pull my fingers over it. There are however two sharp edges that cut into the skin when I touch it. It's very uncomfortable using it when for instance I'm biking. But where are the buttons? They aren't visible when the player is shut off, which looks very slick - almost magic.


The initial bootup is very fast, only 3 seconds. After I filled it with music, video and images however its down to 10 seconds. . That's quite a lot, almost as much as booting my computer!

The first thing I check out in the main menu is the music menu. I quickly scroll to the song I want and put it on. This is my moment of truth! It really is a fantastic sound, I could listen for hours but I have to go on to the next point. Back in the main menu I check out video. I scroll to the Bounre Ultimatum, and when I see the picture my jaw drops! The picture quality is phenomenal and the screen is really good. The colors are perfect and there are no picture lagg, most likely because it displays 30 fps. Too bad its only a 2" screen, that half ruins the experience. J

The picture viewer is simple and easy to navigate. Thethumbnail view makes it easy to find what I'm looking for, and the viewer has a 4x zoom feature.

The text viewer is good, if you want to bring notes or read a whole Harry Potter book on the 2" screen. It shows a percentage of how much you've read and you can set the background color yourself.

The games are nice for killing times while waiting for the bus or whatever it is you do. There are three games:
Chicken run
Bubble smile

Boomboom is a tetris like game, but you blow up pieces instead

Chicken run
You play as a chicken running around to collect your chicks and at the same time avoid falling objects.

Bubble smile
In bubble smile you turn smileys, but you have to turn them so they are grouped with similar ones


Screen: 320x240 TFT 2”
-the screen is very good and you can barely see the individual pixels with the bare eye

Navigation: Touch buttons, invisible when the player is off
Buttons: 7

Quality: good
Volume: 30 steps

7 band customEQ
EQ presets
Sound effects: Clarity, Street mode
Sound enhancements: 3D, bass boost


mpeg4, SVI

.txt (notepad)

Screen Colors: 65.000

Price: 200USD (sweden)

translated from swedish by Cptnodegard. orginial text:

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