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Default D2 or Creative zen

Hello everybody,

I'am looking for a mp3 player to replace my Sony Vaio VGF-AP1L (40 GB)MP3 player. This player still works (and sounds) great, but I want a smaller device without harddrive. And without Sonicstage. My sony also has problems with to much movement. I use Sony MDR EX81 headphones with it, wich sound really good.

My friend has an Sandisk E260, it sounds horrible compared to my sony.
Therefore I was thinking getting the Creative ZEN 8 (or 16) Gb or the cowcon D2;

Cowcon D2 2GB 127Euro (with screenprotector + case), loose ca. 118 Euro

-Is the 2GB variant the same as the 4GB, 8GB & 16 GB version.
-Is the soundquality of the D2 comparable with my Sony?
-Will it accept most SD cards, I want to add an 8 GB trancend.
Then I can add 8 GB for 30 Euro to get the player to 10GB.

Thanks in advance,

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Thread on the same subject:
D2 review:
Zen review:
The SQ is considered to be equal to the Sony players and the SD cards are fully integrated into the library. It accepts pretty much all cards & has none of the integration issues of the ZEN. Between the 2 the ZEN is nowhere NEAR the D2 - PERIOD.
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the cowon is way better IMO, the sound quality is far beyond creative's.
but you should get the 4gb, it is not much more, and 2 gb is not enough internal memory
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D2 with no questions ask!
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Yeah, I also recommend the D2... however, I would consider much more storage. Even though its expandable to SDHC, the D2 boots faster with the internal memory than the SDHC memory.

The price difference isn't very much, really. Personally, I use my D2 around 5 hours every day, solid. I only wish the 16gb version was out when I bought mine! Space goes fast if you're anything like me and truly love your music.
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I've got the Zen and the D2, and the D2 is a much better DAP. I wouldn't go with a lower capacity than the 8GB though, but thats just me.
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