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This mod is in no way a mod that should be attempted by someone who does not have any skills soldering small electronics. If you don't know what you are doing you should ask a qualified friend to do the work. If you can't find anyone, you have to learn to solder really well, or you can just deal with the stock colors, if you try to do this mod and have no soldering ablility you do risk ruining your sansa.

Also if you attempt this tutorial and fail, it is not my fault, it is your's and your's only... Anyways you can't find me, I'm hiding.

OK first off you need the following:

-a Sandisk Sansa e200 series media player
-a soldering iron(15 watt iron is recomended but if you do have skill, which you should, you can use a higher watt)
-4 surface mount LEDs of a color your choosing. (You might have to take a multimeter to the contacts and see if you will need special ones. I did not on pure luck, you might want to just order one more and then just test it)
-fine(thin) solder
-desoldering device(if you wish(or know hot to) to use)
-a squirrel(any color will do)
-a set of small screwdrivers, phillips are the main ones, a flat head would be nice for the prying

Ok now we get to the fun part taking a hundred-something dollar device apart! wait! Now you plugged your soldering iron in, didn't you? OK go do it now... I'll wait... OK? You got it plugged in? Good girl! OK now to the taking a hundred-something dollar device apart.

First you will need to flip the Sansa over and remove the four screws on the back. (I highlighted them for all of you with the inability to pick out the screws.. me included... I'm slow...)

Ok now that that is off, you need to remove the battery. All you have to do is llift up on the side of the battery toward the bottom and lifting up, the battery should just pop off. If it does not you are sticking your finger in the data port... Do you stick your fingers in the wrong places often?

Ok now that the battery is off, you can remove the four tiny screws that hold the actual Sansa together. (I highlighted them again! Yay! Go Photoshop!)

(I have no idea if the serial number is important, I just like to paint things.)

OK those little screws can really be mean and not want to come out. So you might have to convince them that a change of location is a good idea with a flat head screwdriver.. or the squirrel if you are qualified to use said implement.

Good now that those little buggers are out you must remove the front of the Sansa. All you have to do is use either a fingernail or a credit card or simmilar object to pry the front off. Don't worry, you should not break it, and if you do, you tried to hard or forgot a screw. You removed four didn't you?

Ok now that the front on the Sansa is off, remove the black select button. Now locate the four surface mount LEDs(I will call them SMDs from now on). (I highlighted the SMDs)

Now you have to remove the SMDs. You can do so with a desoldering device if you wish, I used the following technique. You take your tweezers and grab onto one end of the SMD, then you heat up the soldering pad on the same side as your tweezers with your already prepared soldering iron. This will allow you to lift up one side of the SMD and then you repeat on the other side so that you remove it.(You can do whatever you please with the SMD, swallowing them is not a good idea but neither is doing most things in life.) Now repeat with the other three SMDs.

Ok now that the SMDs are off, you have to replace them with your color SMDs. Take some solder and put a little drop, and I mean little, on the pad where the ends of the SMDs were. Repeat so that all eight pads have a drop of solder on them. Next take a SMD with your tweezers and place one end on a pad and touch the soldering iron to the pad and attach the SMD. Repeat for the other side. (You might want to put the battery in and turn the Sansa on with the hold on to see if the SMD is connected right. If it does not light up, you have to either make sure that the connections are right, or you will have to flip the SMD around.) Now repeat for the rest of the SMDs.

OK now you have to put the Sansa back together. Make sure to put all the screws back and then....


(Note: My custom Grey and Red theme )

If your Sansa does not work, you did something wrong, go back and check everything twice.

For my next trick I will make my 2gig into a 6 or 8gig in less than $50! Expect to hear from me as soon as I can get the chips .
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