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Default Dead Sansa

Yup, it happened again. I managed to brick yet another Sansa.

Since I don't feel like telling a life story of what's happened the past day, I'll try to keep it short. Basically, I was working on making a guide to help people who bricked their Sansa, and had about 1/3 of it done, in which the bootloader was damaged (which seems to happen fairly often). This of course meant I was playing with fire by purposely 'bricking' my Sansa, but since I've always known that e200tool can recover it, I didn't worry much.

The only problem is, I went and placed an invalid i2c file on the recovery mode partition, and the Sansa froze while writing it. I initially continued to think that it was no big deal, as e200tool could fix it, and went along hard resetting my Sansa. On restart, it was how I expected it - scroll wheel on, display off. Connected it to my computer, and ran ./e200tool init. Only problem is, it didn't detect the Sansa. Restarting the Sansa, I tried it a few more times, but it still didn't work. Turning to lsusb, I saw that the computer didn't even recognize the Sansa at all - not as a Sandisk device nor a PortalPlayer device. Since then, I've been confused, and have been on IRC asking questions as well as talking to kugel and Jeton.

I finally decided to try running a USB sniffer, and tested plugging in a flash drive to make sure everything was working. Lots of text scrolled through that I didn't exactly know how to read, but at the same time, I knew it was working. Unplugged the flash drive, and plugged in the Sansa -- nothing. Unplugged the Sansa and plugged it back in a few times, and nothing appeared in the log.

In some unknown way, from what it seems, I managed to kill my Sansa beyond Preboot mode. First for everything, I suppose, but this pretty much goes against what I've believed in - that it isn't possible to brick the Sansa without hardware modifications.

Back when I bricked my first Sansa, I found that it seemed as if the I2C is stored on the daughterboard, as I had killed the daugherboard on my first Sansa, but still got to Preboot mode. I tried removing the daugherboard, thinking it might do some magic, but it still didn't work. Removing the battery and booting only with power over USB also didn't work. Differences between whether or not hold/center is on/held didn't work. I've basically somehow managed to brick a Sansa beyond repair.

Now the question is, what should my next MP3 player be? It's going to be from Sandisk either way, but I'm mostly wondering whether to get a (used) e200v1 so that if I have time to continue my build, I'll be able to test it on a real Sansa, or whether I should get an e200 or Fuze and help with the V2 development.

Helping with the V2 development would be kind of limiting in a way, as there's no known recovery mode, but it was also mentioned that if all the developers agreed on code to be tested, someone could test it, and if it bricked their Sansa, the Rockbox team would send them a replacement.

However, the only reason to get a v1 is to continue the build and (possibly) help with SansaLinux development. Continuing the build can be done mostly via the simulator, so I'm kind of wondering...

Any suggestions on which to get?
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