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Yes it would be nice to have a fitted case, belt or arm band for the gym. Dame thing is in my pocket and it's only a matter of time before something happens.

Doesn't Samsung offer cases ? I can't find nothing from them or is it only after market suppliers we have to look for. If so who's the better supplier ?
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Originally Posted by Ten4 View Post

You have to unzip the files and place the two of them in the root directory. This is the drive that shows all the folders in it. Not in a folder. Unplug your player and wait for the firmware to update. It will turn off, then restart your player and wait for it to shut down again. Restart once more. Should do it.

vivid menu icons are nice. Along with bug fixes.
You are right! this steps makes upgrading Q1 done. Just paste in root directory. not in system folder. and be sure to unzip before paste it in your Q1.
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Hi all I would really like to know how to solve the problem. No problems with my P3 but with the Q1 I'm losing the will. Rang Samsung not much help either.

Update - all sorted now after updating to wmp11 and all the microsoft updates, as suggested by kev vikanova above, I just asked windows to look for the drivers and all is good again.

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Default Q1 Wallpaper Thread

i wanted to start this cuz im bored of using wallpapers that dont fit with the Q1. And im not gud at making wallpaper
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Hi everyone. I was pretty much having the same problem as most of you.
My PC wasn't recognizing my Q1 device at all, so after a few minutes of searching on the Internet, I came across this thread.
Well after fiddling about with my Q1/PC I finally came up with a solution.

Firstly, go to control panel>System Hardware>Devices.
Then a list of devices will appear. You should be able to see your Q1 in the list of portable devices. (Mine had a yellow warning sign next to it) So I double clicked the device, made sure my drivers were up to date (which they were) Then I clicked the button 'Uninstall drivers' Unplugged my Q1, then plugged it back in, my PC automatically installed the drivers again and then it worked.
An easy solution to be honest, just needed some thinking lol. Hope I helped anyway.
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I have the Q1. But my biggest bugbear is that its not compatable with Mac or Linux. Not everyone wants to use Windows XP/Vista.

Also having to switch on my PC or netbook just to charge the player, Why did Samsung think it would be a good idea not to include a mains charger of any sort either in the pack or to buy seperatly?

Would anybody from Samsung like to comment?
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There's no one from Samsung here. And Samsung doesn't give a shit about you anyway, now that you've bought their product. They're a huge company. One more player or less doesn't matter at all.

It explains the Q1 and why it feels like it was only half-tested, if that, before it was released.
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