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Default album artists & playlist questions

I'm having a small problem with getting artist names to work when I don't synchronize with WMP. If I just drag and drop an album onto my t400, the songs all appear as individual tracks in the artist section. When I go into the albums section, all the artists are listed as 'unknown artist'. When I click on any track under the artist, they play and the correct song title, artist name, and album name are displayed. If I play any album from the album menu, then all the correct info is still displayed, including the artist. If I use WMP to sync, then the album artist works correctly - i.e. if I go to the artist section then the album is listed instead of each song and if I go to the album section then the album will no longer be listed as by unknown artist.

Does anybody know if it's possible to get the artist name to work correctly *without* using WMP? - I use winamp. If it matters, here is the info I put in my id3 tags: title = song title, artist = album artist, album - album name, year, genre, and track number.

Also, is it possible to create playlists with anything other than WMP? It apparently can't use the m3u files I have automatically created when I make my mp3s if I drag and drop them over. The weird part (at least to me) is that I can drag my m3u files into the sync section of WMP and a playlist is automatically created that can be used by the t400, but it doesn't seem to be creating normal WMPO .wpl files.
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