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Cool Rock Box'd my e280R a few minutes ago!

I used to post on this forum as an e260 user/owner. I still have that thing, but I don't use it, it went through the washer and the buttons don't work right, and it fritzes out, and listening to anything is impossible. (I wrote about it on another part of this forum sometime in the Fall of 2007.)

I had always planned on Rock-Box-ing it, once I'd heard about the capability of that, but I never had gotten around to doing so.

Sometime in December 2007 I was ok'd to spend money on a new device, and so I went looking for an e280, and no store had one, except a Best Buy had one e280R in the "back" --I left without it, but eventually went back for it, as the only thing out there in stores was the View, which I didn't want. I didn't want the "R" thing either, but I ended up being less choosey to get something closer to what I wanted.

I'd always wanted Audible capability on my e260, so was open to getting an e280v2, but wanted the option of Rock Box, though I'd never used it. In any case, the entire e200 line was vacant in every store I checked, quite a few. So that e280R was what I ended up going back for, my only choice.

I've wanted to convert it into an e280 plain vanilla since then (Dec 2007), but I'm not sure about actually doing that, and have to say I'm not sure how much I'll look at the Sansa bootload anyhow now, with my introduction to Rock Box in actuality. (I don't use Rhapsody, hate seeing the Rhapsody "channel" but do like how the fonts look, etc., so ...)

I followed the easy, clearly written directions on Rock Box. org for the e200R:

and it worked flawlessly.

I'm looking forward now to actually getting to submit my music listening to my profile now, as well.

I did solve my Audible problem too, I got a new phone in January, a Palm Treo 755p, and have fallen in love with Audible Air ... it's way better than any Audible files on any Sansa.
--Sansa e280R (since Dec 2007) with Rock Box since May 7, 2008
--Old broken Sansa e260
--Sansa M230 used exclusively for (but now I use my Palm Treo 755p for Audible.)
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