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Default Linux media player and Rockbox

I am using Ubuntu on my desktop and Rockbox on my Sansa. I am looking for any tips that people have on programs that they are using to synchronize media on the computer and the Sansa. Some of the programs that I have heard about include Rhythmbox, Exaile, Banshee, and Amarok. Which ones seem to work the best with Rockbox on the Sansa.

Some of the things that I am looking for:
  • Will be able to sync files from the desktop to the sansa
  • Create playlists on the computer for sync
  • Update information from the sansa to the desktop (ie. .scrobbler.log)
  • Ability to use streaming media on the desktop,, album art, import playlist
If you have used any of these programs with Rockbox on the Sansa, could you leave you opinion of the program and any pros/cons.
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I havn't been so complicated as to scrobble or do last fm stuff .... but I use Amarok and it syncs really well... not to mention its an awesome program all around ..... it will also do some converting of formats for you if you want down grade to a smaller codec to save room on your player....

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I've never needed integrated Rockbox support, as you mentioned. But support on Amarok is built-in. Just add your userID / password and you're done. I've tried all the players you mentioned, and my personal favorite is Amarok. In particular, I like the plugin support. With Album Art, Amarok won't automatically pick up "cover.bmp", but you can import it manually as you listen to albums.

As for the scrobbler.log itself, I don't think there's a way to integrate that file with amarok. I use the "scrobber-cli" program via a script, whenever I connect my player.
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