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Default Some song titles/album titles display as Chinese?

I'm sorry if this problem has been addressed already, but I couldn't find it in this forum or at the Sansa forum.

I just bought a 2gb Sansa Clip, and it seems to be very good except for a few strange glitches. Many song titles are displayed in Chinese (or some other Asian character set; I really only know that I can't read it). Also, some artist names and album titles don't show up at all (they are just displayed as 'Unknown'). I am sure that the ID3 tags are set, because when I read the Clip contents in my computer, Windows can see the ID3 tag information, and WMP11 can read them also. I don't think there is anything special about these titles: they seem to be normal English words without special characters, and other titles that do have special characters (specifically, umlaut-ed German titles) show up correctly.

Also, some songs are not grouped by artist or album correctly. That is, when I list by artist, some artists list twice even though they seem to have the exact same name. The same thing happens with album titles.

Has anyone else had this problem? I am using Windows XP, and the Clip is connecting via MSC mode (I can't get MTP mode to work at all, for some reason), and I am just dragging and dropping files to the Music folder on the Clip.
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I'm not having the chinese character problem, however, I do have the Unknown tag ordeal in the Clip. I usually use MP3tag to make my tags when this happens. Although, it usually only happens when I have just one song from one artist on my clip.

For example, I have an artist by the name of DJ XTC on my Clip currently. One song, which is "Sweet Blue Dreams". It comes up on the Clip as "DJXTC.~1". I've just been to lazy to bother fixing it. However, I noticed that to fix my problem, I just have to use another tag editing program such as WMP11 to get the Clip to show the full tags.

As for the dual Artists showing up, are both of the tags "Artist" and "Composer" the same wording? That usually causes dual artists in my cases.
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Thanks for the tip! I still can't explain why this should happen, but I just had MP3Tag read in all the files on the Clip, highlighted them all, and saved without changing any of the ID3 tag info. I'm not sure what it actually does, since I wasn't changing any information, but this fixed the problem, both with the glitched titles and the multiple instances of the same artist.

The problem with the 'Unknown' albums was just that the file didn't have any album in the ID3 tag, even though the original file on my computer did. I can't explain that one either, but it's easy to fix.
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Mp3tag did retag your files. Check the settings and options in Mp3tag and you'll find an option to Remove the old tags and another for text encoding. Lots of things are going on "under the hood" when you do a mass save in mp3tag, take a look at some of these settings and you'll have a better understanding of WHY it works now.

You probably had some ISO encoded tags and some with UTF (Unicode) and now that you ran mp3tag, they are all consistently tagged. Which is always good.

BTW you can remove the id3 v1 tags altogether, they're pretty much obsolete and all modern DAPs can read v2.3, which contain more information and provide multilanguage support via unicode encoding...
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