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Help First Post - observations of MTP vs MSC mode

First post - I don't know how many of these observations have been seen but I'll try anyway.
1) Sansa Clip, 2G, v1.01.18A - love the little bugger
2) I know it's weird but I've loaded songs and made playlists (all .m3u) in both MSC and MTP connection mode.

MSC - Playlist Creator/Mp3TagTools/Sanse Playlister (for e200 series MSC) and yes, Notepad or python generated tools all work.
MTP - Not so much, my python scripts work for tag editing and playlist creation - whatever, not a big deal.

When I playall the songs loaded in both modes are sorted by filename, when played the tags are displayed.
When I do artist for example, listed by artist then album then filename, from the tags.
I can live with this.

But, when a song is playing and I go back to the song list and start scrolling,
MTP - song continues to play normally
MSC - if scrolling in window (three songs displayed) song continues to play normally.
if scroll out of window (up or down) song starts to "stutter".
Is this a known problem? New firmware fixed?

Probably have to live with only being able to see the songs downloaded in MSC when connected that way and MTP vice versa. I didn't try to characterize connection speed but displaying in MSC seemed faster - my XP box was a little slow reading the MTP.

Opinions on what I should stay with? Any opinions on the post at all?
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