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Default well i am getting a samsung p2

I am new at this but like 3 weeks ago i got attached to the samsung p2 .

Everyone in my family has an I pod but i hate them so i found this.

i am getting one for my birthday June 1.

and i would like to know is the phone answer thing good like does it work well.

and i would not like to get any sketches on it but i do not like that leather case.

So what case do yall recommend other than that one i was looking at just the silicon case?

Thank you

And when is the new firmware coming out like the date
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For a case look here.
You'll need a protective screen under this of course, protection is good(says several people) since it's a thin sheet of metal.

I'm hoping to get the black one soon.

The phone thing works well yes, at least for me for the one time I tried it...

New firmware has a 99% chance(IMO, based on past 2...) of being out May 31 at 11:59 pm.
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I got my P2 for christmas and love it. I have a DLO case for it, and think that it works fine with the P2. I have owned nokia phones and they all work very well with the P2. BTW, the new firmware update will be on May 31 (just in time for your B-day).
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I too own a Nokia phone, an I call people over Bluetooth with my P2 all the time! Works great!
And welcome to the forums jtking! You will find that there are many like-minded people here at anythingbutipod
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thanks guys yall helped bunches and thank you for the invite i think i am going to like here
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