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Default How to make your clickwheel smooth in 10 easy steps!

Well, it was requested, so I will make a tutorial on how to get your Sansa e200 wheel smooth scrolling! I will start with a simple, quick tutorial, but edit it as I go. OK. let's begin!

1). Unscrew the four screws in the back of the Sansa.

2). Remove the back carefully.

3). Unscrew the four smaller screws in the inside of the Sansa.

4). Remove the front carefully by sliding the screwdriver around between the front and the silver "ring" around the device. There are 6 pins, you must hear them all click before you try to remove it.

5). Look inside, and remove the click wheel and the center button.

6). Underneath the center button is a small metal "gear" with the word ALPS on it, it snaps on and off so you can carefully remove this with a screwdriver from underneath.

7). Look at the bottom of the Sansa where you removed the ALPS gear. You should see a "string" of metal, its bent like A "U" with a curl in the middle.

8). Remove the little piece of metal.

9). Carefully replace everything, starting with the ALPS gear, the Center Button and scrollwheel, the front face, the screws, the back plate,and the final screws.

10). Turn it on, your done!

Is it reversible?
Yes, just keep the tiny metal piece!
Why would I do this?
Well for one, it doesn't go CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! when you spin it! Well, there is a report of the scrollwheel going berserk sometimes, and removing the metal spring fixed it, so YAY for you who have this problem!
Are there any side effects?
Well, when you need to spin slowly, like the JPEG viewer for instance, it might be hard to calculate how much is a full spin, but its really not anything big.

umm, anyone wanna ask more questions? lol Pics never ='[

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