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Default Why so many refurbs? and others are selling a continuous stream of refurbished Sansa mp3 players and I'm wondering why there are so many? I have an iriver but a friend is shopping for a player and the Sansa's are attractively priced. I know an item can be a refurb for a variety of reasons, but was there a run of Sansa's that were duds that should be avoided? Thanks.
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I doubt that is the case but anything is possible, more likely I’d guess that it’s from returns of people that bricked them or upgraded to another player.

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I wish I knew the answer to that. Between and woot they're selling thousands of refurbs. Each one that I've purchased (2 e series, 2 clips, 1 c series and 5 m series) has looked and worked just like new. My guess is that the "refurbs" are really some sort of production overrun that they are just selling cheaper without the fancy packaging and accessories.
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Alohamora, I think they are ones that people did not know how to run, or they had issues that they got them RMA'ed from.
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