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Default How do you tell when it is charged?

This may sound trivial or unimportant to most of you but its a majoy annoyance to me. First off I always charge by way of USB on the puter. It seems as though the screen goes black after a little while. It wont let me turn it back on until I unplug it only to find it isnt fully charged and I have to plug it back in. Is there a way to get it to stay lit or on standby so I can see the screen say fully charged. I dont trust the battery meter, ive seen it look charged only to have it deplete quickly thereafter.

Even if it is charged all the way when I remove it from the puter if I plug it back in it will say charging again for a little bit no matter what. By the time it shows fully charged its black again, argghhh. Someone calm me down and explain my minutia away.
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