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Default music from itunes

Is there an easy way to load music purchased from itunes onto my brand new clip?

Do I have to burn it to a cd first?

I am brand new to this, most of my music is stored in Windows Media Player. I have also had a Rhapsody account for years and have just switched to a Rhapsody to go account. But there are a few songs that I wanted that I could only find on itunes and I would like to be able to play them on the clip.

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I've never used iTunes but I'd assume that the music would be in AAC format if you downloaded it there. That's the format that all ipods use for audio. The clip doesn't support this format so you're going to have to use a converter to convert the files to either mp3 or wma. Luckily for you there are a few free ones online such as

I'm not sure how easy that program is to use but if you poke around it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Happy converting!
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They are DRM'ed most likely, so you will have to use the analog hole with the CD burn and rip trick.
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If you have ripped them to ACC then you'll have to rip them to MP3 or WMA. If your music is already ripped to MP3 or WMA then you can do it with a cool freeware app called Itunes sync. You can find it at

If your tunes are DRM'd there's another free app out there called My Fair Tunes which removes the protection off the song. Used it a couple times and it works. Just google the name and you can find it.
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Thanks for the info. Thankfully I only have a few songs that I purchased from itunes.
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