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Default Waterproof Clip just might be possible

Well I'm sure there's a few who've found their Clip to be temporarily waterproof. Though many electronics that get wet can be dried and still work as long as you don't try to power it on while it's wet.

But I want something to swim with. I don't like the waterproof bag type cases as they are just bulky. H2O Audio makes a nice iPod Shuffle case, but buying an iPod is not happening. I did however buy a Shuffle Clone (4gb for $40..not too shabby) that works in MSC mode and doesn't sound half bad. But I caught a website,, that actually waterproofs Shuffles so they can be used without a case. So after some emails they're going to try and waterproof my Shuffle clone. But I was thinking I'd much rather just use my 2gb Clip so I asked them if they'd take a look at it too. I picked it up for $35, so I told them if they damaged it, I wouldn't be heartbroken. So I just sent it off along with the clone.

I will report back when I get the word from them if it is possible. Just tired of seeing everything done for ipods. The Clip is a much better player on many counts, with full functionality and a screen being the key pluses. So if it could be waterproofed, it would be a big plus. I'd sell the clone and buy a 4gb one again.

I see two issues though. The inset plastic face and the usb port. We'lll see how they make out.
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