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Default e250 Damaged Connector

Hi, the connector on my e250 is damaged. Is there a thread that shows any guides how to strip down the e200 series. Is it possible to replace this connector with one from another e250?


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There is photo on how to open it here:

It is possible, but you need to know how to solder.
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You not only need to know HOW to solder, but have special equiopment to get all of those 30 DELICATE pins released from the PCB together.

Removing the good connector from the sacrificial unit will be more troublesome than placing it on the destination board.

You might be able to remove the old connector (no need to preserve the broken connector), and put on a standard mini-usb connector. I've got a v2 with a bad connector I've been meaning to do this with for months - and I'll probably NEVER get around to it. You would have charging and syncing capability, but lose the ability to use a speaker dock (who does anyway!).

I DID try to salvage the connector off another e200 with a bad LCD, but I found it FUTILE !!!!

Good Luck !!!
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