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Default The little secret of playlists in the Clip

First of all, this is my first post and I expect to be useful. I live in Venezuela and people here only know Ipods and crappy no name players, and we speak Spanish, so don't expect perfect prose. I'm very happy so far, I'll write my impressions in my next post, but now I'm eager to help...
I updated to the latest firmware but wasn't getting the playlists to work. I tried many advices in this forum and the official Sansa one: I eliminate the backlash, put the playlist in the root then in the same folder than the files, clean the demos, etc, etc. Nothing. The thing is I don't like Winamp and hate WMP, so I was trying to do everything with my normal PC player Foobar and also generate intelligent playlist with MusicIP like I do and enjoy at my PC's. Finally I installed big Winamp against my will, get through the laberynthic interface and make a little test playlist. Now I could see the song titles so I thought it worked (I was at work in a hurry, but it resulted in a good thing, read on). But Winamp is not the secret. I wasn't satisfied of depending of Winamonster or MediaUnplayer. So I checked the playlist internals, using the notepad. By the way, it does have the starting backlash. I open the one I made in Foobar to see the difference and found this:



That's the secret: put this in the first line of the file and there you go. Now I can make my playlists in my favorite programs or even by hand and they work. You don't have to put the file in the root just use relative paths, say if you put it in MUSIC folder, erase that from the root path (with notepad, remember). That`s great to have the albums playing in the original order: just order the tracks in your PC player, save the playlist, erase everything in front of the mp3 file name and put the playlist in the album folder. The good thing about this last way is that you eliminate everything at once when you don't want the album anymore.
Later I found that it wasn't sounding just showing the titles, you DO have to take the backlash out. The Winamp playlist wasn't actually working! But it gave me the magic word trick. That's good luck, friends.
Well, I hope this help other people to enjoy the Clip totally.

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Cristian, have you tried using mp3tag? It is free, makes playlists that work on the Clip, and is easy to navigate. Best way I found is to connect the clip in MSC mode and create the playlists right on the Clip (as a removable drive letter), then the paths are no problem.

Thanks for the information!
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Originally Posted by Click View Post
Cristian, have you tried using mp3tag?
Thanks, Click. Actually, I've been using it to edit tags for years, but never notice the playlist function . I tried it to comment and is good for simply put together some tracks, but in Foobar I can decide the order of playing and listen directly to check the mix. But the most interesting for me is MusicIPMixer, which make musical fingerprints of your tracks and then generate playlists according to a set of rules you can tweak. It's like having your own private DJ, ready to serve your needs: "Hey, myDJ, I want a list with songs like X and Y, but give some variety and don't repeat artist Z too much, please. Ah, make it approx two hours long. Thanks. Ready? Great! See ya!"


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Thanks for the infiormation--an interest approach to playlists and the listening experience!
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Yeah, I posted a lot of details about this last month: FYI - M3U Playlists do in fact work in MSC mode

FYI, I also just posted a request in the Winamp Wishlist forum about adding a "Use relative paths in playlists" feature to the portable sync options. Hopefully they will add this feature soon. Although, I would say it's really the Clip that's at fault since the playlists created by Winamp are valid.

In the meantime, as Click said, you can use another tool to create the playlists or use a search and replace tool to fix the Winamp playlists like I mentioned in my earlier post.

It sounds like you're pretty anti-Winamp, but you might not want to give up on it so quick. The portable sync features are actually really nice if you take the time to figure it out.
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