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Default P2 Volume

Every time I on my P2 (even if its not in deep sleep) the volume gets set back to 16 is this normal
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Originally Posted by manoman View Post
Every time I on my P2 (even if its not in deep sleep) the volume gets set back to 16 is this normal
don't know but if you want the volume to be lower then turn on the "volume limit" option... i did that 'coz i don't listen to loud music... don't waanna end up with a hearing aid
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Are you sure you're not putting it in a case that presses on the up volume button?

Just a thought.

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i think 16 is halfway, and when the p2 turns on, the volume is reset to default
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its 15.

volume limiter basically dont let you go above 15, so when u try volume up, it wont let you do that (to "save" your hearing"
and if you have that off, and play over 15, when u turn on your p2 again, they will lower it back down to 15 (for safety measures)
if you play it under 15, it should go back to under 15 (w/e digit you had it at before)

its a safe measure and whatnot, but sometimes people listening with definite volumes can "annoy" them sometimes.
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It reduces the volume down from a higher setting to protect your hearing and the amp. Putting full load on an OpAmp all at once can do very bad things to it. One wonders why you're listening to your music so loud that it has to be above 15 as a default setting. If you really want to not hear anything in ten years, be my guest.

If you've got cans with low sensitivity or high impedance, consider a headphone amp instead of turning the P2 volume up so high, because you shouldn't really be driving cans like that with the meager OpAmp onboard the P2.

If it's because your music is encoded at a very low volume, google mp3gain and download it. You can up the volume on your mp3's losslessly with that program.
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