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Arrow Firmware Version 1.930 (Beta) Released!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is BETA firmware and we advise only the brave and courageous to try it!

Performing this update will delete all music files on your player.
Please back them up if necessary.

Please read the following instructions before installing:

1) Download the executable file to your hard drive. If you browser blocks the download please click "Allow Downloads". Save the file to your desktop so you can find it easily to run it.
2) Remove the device from the USB cable and switch the device off.
3) Double click the executable file you saved in step 1) and follow the prompts on connecting the device. Do not press OK until Windows has recognized the device and Windows may pop-up a "Portable Device" and/or a "Get Connected" dialog, cancel out of those screens. After those screens have gone away, click OK on the connect device pop-up. You should see the Firmware Update option illuminated.
4) The Upgrader will show your present version and report the new version which will be installed.
5) Click "Firmware Update" and then follow the instructions carefully.

Insignia Warning (pop up):
Disconnect the USB cable from the player and the player will automatically upgrade the firmware, and the player will then power down.
Ignore the "Database Full" warning message you may see unon powering up the device. Select->System->Erase Internal Memory and then click "Yes".
Power down the device and then reconnect the USB cable.

After pressing 'OK', please click on the 'Font Update' and then disconnect the player from the USB cable.
The Fonts will automatically be installed.

6) After completing the F/W update you may see a message on your MP3 player "Database full..." when you turn the unit on. Go into
Menu->Settings->System->Erase Internal Memory and then press the right
arrow button and then select yes and press the right arrow button again.
7) Close the updater application and double click it again to re-launch it.
8) Power off your device and reconnect it to your PC when prompted by the application. Click the Font Update button on the F/W Updater application and then follow the instructions.

Download New Firmware

This F/W update gives the NS-DVxG functionality similar to the Insignia Pilot except for the Bluetooth, RDS Radio and Text viewing capabilities.

The context menu is accessed by pressing and holding the play button. Please see the Pilot Manual for more details.

Very cool, Digitaldel is alive!
Long live Digitaldel!

I recommend that the player have a fresh format before both the firmware AND font update.
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but only with ignorant consumers.
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