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Default Why isn't Sony coming out with HD players?

I guess this applies to more companies than Sony, but how come Sony isn't coming out with more hard drive based mp3 players? Especially after how great the nw-hd5 was, you'd think they would build on that. And why did they stop production on the hd5 so quickly?
See, that's something apple doesn't do. Apple, when they make a good product, they market it well and build on their momentum. Sony came out with a player superior to the ipod in a couple of ways (sound quality, interface arguably) but they just ended it suddenly.
Also, as far as flash players, why don't they make one model and allow a slot for expandable memory cards? There's no need to make several different models of the same player (4GB, 8GB, 16GB). Just let whoever wants to add more memory if necessary. That's actually true for most flash players, not just Sony.

In general, why don't the other ipod competitors try to keep up in the hard drive department? I mean, apple came out with the 160GB model, you'd think the other companies would try to keep up with that, but there are still barely any in the 60-80 GB range, let alone 160GB. Furthermore, new HDD players come out still with max 30GB, which is stupid (like the Zune).

I mean, there are a zillion models of flash players, ranging from 2GB-32GB which is probably plenty for most users. However, I think a lot of people would love to have a non-apple HDD player with a comparable capacity. If Sony ever made a model similar to the HD5, I think it would be a hit, especially with their recent decision to ditch SonicStage.

Just wondering...I've been following this site for a long time, and I'm always waiting for a large capacity non-apple mp3 player. Preferably from Sony, not Creative.
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