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Default baldmonkey's build

Compiled Rockbox: Baldmonkey's Build

I currently apply only one patch to this build - because all of the patches which I used to apply are now part of the official builds.

The patch:
- disables the record button to stop accidental pressing
- disables the hardware hold button
- enables the software hold (enable/disable by holding record and pressing power - it only works from the wps)

Even though this build is almost identical to SVN, I'm leaving the site up as I still update it for personal use and it's a lot easier to use the scripts that are already in place to build it for myself. It's not really worth using this build unless your hold button has broken off too!

Happy new year



edit:sorry about downtime, i'm moving servers

I make a slightly modified build for use at home and I figured maybe people here would find it useful, more features (maybe) coming soon.

EDIT (27th Aug 2008): A new build has been added which replaces the hardware hold switch with the software hold function found in the archos player (and various other hardware too). This is because my hold button snapped off on the train the other day and I hate it pausing and unpausing the music with every step I take into work

Patches Included:

FS5697 - bmp resize
FS8668 - experimental gui boost- this patch seems to make the back light stay on at random times
FS8523 - disable WPS updating when the backlight is off


ThunderBox & ThunderBoxAA Themes

Optional ThunderBox & ThunderBoxAA Themes

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