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Default SanDisk Customer Service - Great Experience

I just wanted to throw this out there for folks who may be using this forum (as I did) before purchasing an mp3 player.

My in-laws wanted to get me an mp3 player for Christmas, and asked me what I would like. After doing the research and trying to keep it in a modest price range, I chose the Sansa e260. After receiving it, I loaded all the songs, albums, etc. I wanted onto it with WMP, which works great with the Sansa, BTW.

A few weeks ago (mid-March) my Sansa stopped working. I may be to blame, as I left it on my chest as I fell asleep listening to it, and woke up in the morning with the headphones yanked out and the player lying under me, having suffered through a night of tossing, turning and sweating on the thing. When I tried to power it up, I got a "Low Battery-System Shutdown" message. I tried charging it, I tried re-intalling the firmware...nothing worked. Thinking I may have somehow killed the battery, I ordered a new one ($23). It arrived, I installed it, charged it, and still had the exact same problem.

I called the 800 number, explained to the service rep what happened and she walked me through the steps of re-installing the firmware again. After determining it was a hardware issue, she took my info and set up an RMA. A UPS return shipping receipt was in my inbox within hours, I mailed back the player (keeping the headphones, case, cord, etc.) with the original battery. Eight days later, a brand new e260v2 arrives in my mailbox, no fuss - no muss!

The new player arrived in the store packaging, with all the gear that comes with it (headphones, case, cord, etc.), and it was the v2. I know this would be a disappointment to those who use Rockbox, but the software that it comes with works fine for me. Given that I didn't even have a receipt for the original, since it was a gift, I thought this was pretty good customer service.

I just thought I'd let people know about a good customer service experience, since it's getting harder to come by these days! It's a shame all companies don't treat their customers this well anymore.
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