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Default 2 GB Fuze or 4 GB Clip better suited for me?

Hey guys, I'm finally about to get a new mp3 player to replace my 1 gig Sansa m200 series. I'm just not sure whether to get the clip or the fuze.

Biggest factor to me (other than SQ cause I hear they're the same) is battery life. I hear fuze has a better one from the comparison on this site.

I'm probably not going to be watching videos ever, so the screen doesn't matter for me on the Fuze. The SD slot is a big plus for the fuze. Which is why I'd get 2 GB cause I don't have the money for 4 GB.

The biggest thing keeping me away from the 4 gig Clip is the screen and inability to see it in the daytime. I'm usually listening to my player when I'm outside. I've heard even with the firmware update, it doesn't make that huge of a difference.

Please lend me your wisdom!
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Get the 2GB Fuze it has the same quality as the Clip so what the heck? and plus it has more features, and later on if the 2GB isn't enough for you buy an extra microSD to expand your memory.
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If battery life and sound quality are your primary criteria, I would recommend the Fuze due to the better feature set. There are some advantages currently to getting the Clip however (under their current respective firmwares):

1) Faster loading of large playlists with almost no lag (the Fuze lags horribly on large playlists).
2) From my experience, the shuffle on the Clip works slightly better.
3) Ogg Vorbis support (though it sounds like the Fuze may get ogg and FLAC in the near future).
4) Better portability.

I have a Fuze and two Clips, and each player fills a vital niche in my listening habits. Good luck with your choice.
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Check out Amazon. You can get a 4GB Fuze for around $80. The same price as the 4GB Clip.
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Clip Plus 4 GB MP3 Player (Black)

SanDisk Sansa Fuze v2
SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4gb Blue
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Nice reply to a 16 month old mssage.

Oh and the link comes up $43.99 when I click on it.
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