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Default Speaker System? Convert MP3s

Hi all, I got my clip, and I load onto it with my Win Media Player- XP, as it was automatic. I could not find the clip listed in a browser window even after restart. Whats up with that?

*I know there is another file system other than MP3. How do I convert files to the smaller system. Im used to software for this stuff!!

Also, what is a good speakersystem for the clip. I got a $2.00 cat at the biglots, but its real quiet. They have $10.00 speakers but Im leary of the real cheap stuff.

Thanks Clip is working ok so far.
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Oh, the Clip is so easy to use if you simply remember the basics: just drag and drop your music to it on your computer. The absolutely easiest way ...
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Originally Posted by mp3dude View Post
I know there is another file system other than MP3. How do I convert files to the smaller system.
There is nothing better than MP3 support on the Clip. It doesn't support Ogg Vorbis, AAC, or other nifty audio codecs.

WMA - which the Clip supports - is more or less the same as MP3, but I wouldn't use it, since there's absolutely no advantage in using it over MP3.
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