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Default e270R major problem, locked myself out

This resulted from some VERY stupid actions on my part and I have no idea what to do :[ I had this e270R for about a year and then tried to install rockbox on it. This mp3 player had problems before with music disappearing and not transferring lately, and sometimes while plugged into the computer the mp3 player would disappear from the computer for no reason. nonetheless i stupidly installed rockbox which went fine until i scanned the database for music. it would always freeze so i decided to erase all the music on the mp3 player. so then i stupidly though 'why dont i just format the whole player with it' to hopefully fix the problem with connecting to the computer in the first place (very annoying, would stay connected for about 20 sec and then disappear). so I went to my computer and clicked format and erased everything on the mp3(very stupid, i know) now it won't turn on or anything because its trying to load a nonexistent rockbox and my computer won't sense the mp3 player because it won't load. i can't get into recovery mode to switch the firmware or anything because i think the rec button may be broken(the mp3 has gone through a lot of use, and i never used the button before) because i turn on hold and hold down the rec button but when it turns on it just says key locked and then shut down. I've tried for about a half hour to get into recovery mode but still can't. I just need to uninstall rockbox but i have no idea what else to do. can anyone help?
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