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Default need to convert youtube to avi for d2+

Okay, I've searched the forums but couldn't find any posts like this, so... I'm wanting to convert youtube videos (.flv I think) to avi (mp4). Would prefer a program that's freeware or online conversion, won't be doing too much, mainly exercise videos so as I can use as a personal trainer. Also I take videos on my Kodak camera and I think they are avis, but had no luck getting them to play. I wouldn't mind a program up to $30 if it works EASY and works WELL. I've dragged some files that I thought were avi's to the player but they don't show up in the menu.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Actually I just read in the kodak manual the files for movies are .mov extension, so I'd like something to convert the occasional file from .mov to .avi...
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if you want to be sure of the extensions of your files you should turn on "show file extensions" in the folder options in your control panel.

for youtube video I always used you can choose .avi from the list. if it keeps saying that the server is too busy or some such thing you can always get their desktop application

for any video converting I do I always use SUPER ( it's free and does a TON.

also note the .avi files from vixy won't be d2/+ ready. you'll need to make sure of the resolution and such. There's a bunch of converters people have posted that are specifically forthe D2, you can find iLove and some others over in the firmware section under the tools thread
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Also, do a search on That should give you more than a few results.
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I use ilove to convert videos, it's free and has a preset for Cowon D2 that works perfectly. A bit slow but that's probably due to my computer. I'm not sure of the input formats it supports as I have only tried a few, but it would be worth a download.
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if you are still in still in a look out for getting youtube video's to d2. the simple way is to go to

give the youtube link. then check the advanced settings option and fill in the details as avi for format, mpeg-4 for video codec and audio codec as mp3. the rest is your choice. click download and you have the video to d2.

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a 100% freeware iWisoft Free Video converter can help you.
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another thumbs up for SUPER - I have converted at least 40 videos that I've downloaded from Youtube with no issues whatsoever. I got a decent set of settings for the software from a video I found on youtube which converts to a decent quality both sound and video.
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Every freeware version of video conversion i ever tried was a steaming pile of dung. I use AVS best software for that use out there imo and for a lifetime license it's $60, a little expensive but totally worth it.
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