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Default Sansa Fuze Prerelease FAQ

Please take a look at this front page post. It has some inital thoughts, photos, and a video of the interface.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Please try to keep the questions to features i would like to save that for the full on review.


Does the Fuze have the same sound quality as the Clip.
  • Yes. But please note that having the same audio chip does not always mean it will have the same sound quality. Board architecture and other components also play a factor in sound quality.
Does the microSD card integrate into the main library?
  • Yes. All Sansa do and probably always will.
Does the Fuze support MSC?
  • Yes. The Fuze supports MSC and MTP. Just like the Clip this is user selectable in the options menu.
Can I use the Fuze on Mac or Linux?
  • Linux or Mac can be used by changing the USB mode to MSC. However, Sandisk only offers tech support for windows. If you need support for Mac or Linux, there are always people in this forum willing to help.
How suitable is the Fuze for Audiobooks?
  • The Fuze supports Audible bookstore (.aa DRM) and with Audible files it supports chapter mode.
  • You can also add your own audiobooks to the audiobook menu simply dropping them into folder.
  • The audiobook menu supports slow, medium, and fast speeds; but will not pitch correct.
  • Scan speed is progressive so long files can be scanned though fairly well.
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