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Red face Getting a Sansa Clip, a few questions

Last week I got a 2GB Creative MuVo V100, to replace my 256MB Creative TX SE. Turns out that the V100 is USB 1.1, so transfer speeds are just terrible. That's one of the reasons I'm probably going to return it.
The Sansa Clip is only just normally available here, and I like it. But I have a few questions.


USB port
I'm pretty sure that the output of a USB port is 500 mAh. I'm wondering how low it takes to charge the Clip when the battery's completely drained (about 4 hours?). Charging via a USB port is not really an option though, because from what I've been reading the screen seems to stay turned on during charging. I'd rather charge it with a wall adapter or maybe a car adapter occasionally.

Wall adapter
There's a lot of different wall adapters. Is it necessary to get a 1000 mAh adapter, or is a 500 mAh one good enough? Will it charge a lot faster with a 1000 mAh charger, and does it effect battery life? (NiMH fast chargers supposably shorten the life of batteries, compared to normal, slow chargers). Could someone give an estimate of the charging time with a wall adapter (500 mAh or 1000 mAh)? I have a 300 mAh wall charger thats falling apart and probably slower than a USB port, so I think I'll have to get a new one.

Most wall adapters seem to work with the Clip. This page shows that the 1 A/h Artwizz wall adapter (15 €) is compatible with the Clip. It's also compatible with most iPods and the Creative Zen Stone. Which might mean that the ?? mAh Zen Stone adapter (also 15 €, and prettier) also works with the Clip? And iPod adapters (20 € for 0,5 A/h Trust wall adapter ànd car chager) too? Maybe I'll just have to ask in a store (and get a 'I don't know') or just try it.


I haven't found definite proof yet, but I presume the Clip has a standard 3,5 (not 2,5!) plug? I'm planning to use Sony earbuds with a 3,5 jack.


The 2GB Clip costs 50 € here. I got the Creative MuVo V100 for 30 €, with a so far crappy Varta charger with so far crappy 800 mAh AAA Ready2Use batteries (13 €). If I get the Clip, with at least a wall charger, it will be a bit more expensive. But that's ok, since the V100 turned out to be disappointing. Depending on the wall charger, the total would be around 65 to 70 €. But I think that's worth it, and probably the best deal on any 2GB player, considering things like transfer speed, battery life and interface. You've gotta love Europa, with its late releases and high prices. And it doesn't even have radio.

Thanks for reading all of this, here's that funny smiley again, as a reward: .
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