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Default Considering to buy D2 - a couple of questions

At this moment, I have 2 players - a 1gb iRiver u10(clix) and a 2gb 1st gen ipod nano. And I'm not satisfied with either of them((
Now, this is the case - when I was buying my first "over-512mb" player, I was looking for the best audio quality combined with a good amplifier, since I use public transport a lot, and needed a very, very loud player, that could pump isolating earbuds and high-impendance phones alike. At that moment, a couple of years ago, my choice has fallen on ipod nano, since my older iRiver t30 died. For a while I was ok with the ipod - until I had been presented with a Clix. When comparing the two it became clear, that though Clix was noticeably more quiet and less powerful, it sound quality was far better than the ipod, a clear, lively, juicy sound compared to the tin-can audio oof an Ipod.
But - 1 gb capacity is too little, and too quiet - I use it only with isolating earbuds, and even then have to turn the volume on around 80%.

Recently I've been seeing very positive reviews of the D2 and how good its sound is + powerful amplifier. Before this player caught my eye, I was firmly set on buying the Clix2, but when I started comparing them, it came out that D2 might be even a better choice, seeing that it has an expandable memory and all.
I've never owned a Cowon's player before, so I'm really not sure what to expect of its sound quality and how good it is compared to Clix2.
Is it better? Or just significantly louder?

The other thing is the touch screen. I'm perfectly ok with it, since I own an HTC Touch smartphone, but still, D2's screen is small (compared to a PDA) - is it convenient to use without a stylus?

Thanks in perspective))
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